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Intelligent Water Purity Tester


IntelliSplash (formerly known as IntelliH2O) a low-cost water purity tester app that connects to a portable keychain probe; you can test, track, and share the quality of your water anywhere without Wifi.


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Christopher Lee, Founder and Innovator

Christopher is a sophomore at Lakeside Upper school in Seattle. His main hobbies are building LEGO and creating gadgets with Arduino and Gogo boards, often pairing them with an iPhone app. Chris is also an avid movie maker using green screen and special effects. He currently is co-founder and lead of his school's Makers Club where he can share his passion for technology, whether it be with 3D printing or creating a quadcopter. His philanthropic interest lies with disadvantaged and vulnerable children especially the Hamomi Children's Center in the Kangemi slums of Nairobi, Kenya where he has held a Tech Week for the students and a mini Tech Seminar for the staff to improve digital literacy.

William Ethington, Chief Design Officer

William is a Sophomore at The Bear Creek School in Redmond. Creative with a vision for all things sleek and functional, William is behind the design of the IntelliH2O keychain to mirror water droplets in its pure form. He loves to play various computer games which feeds a well-developed imagination.

Courtney Beeson, Packaging Specialist

Courtney is a Sophomore at Issaquah High School. She is an artist who can conceptualize an attractive package for the product to complete a streamlined and well-designed water purity tester for the 21st century. Her uncanny ability to put colors and texts together adds an elegant touch to the smart water purity tester package. Courtney loves to read in her spare time if not doodling or creating a piece of art work.

Dr. Lauren Bricker, Lakeside Comp.Sci

Ph.D. in Computer Science - My Computer Science Teacher and Advisor with IntelliH2O at Lakeside High School

Sam Greene,  Rhodes Scholar

My consultant, a Rhodes Scholar in Chemistry specializing in environmental protection.

Dwight Krossa, Startup Executive

My coach - a Senior Executive in Product Management. He also specializes in General Management and marketing

Brad LeSage, Cloud Business Director

My Data Analytics and Technical Marketing Advisor. He is a visionary in Cloud Business Innovation, Internet-of-Things and  formerly VP of Business Technologies

This is not just a problem isolated to developing countries. In the Puget Sound, less than 1% of water sources have published, EPA approved water purity reports.

The data analytics that are possible with the widespread use of IntelliSplash has the ability to transform the way we manage and consume this critical life-sustaining resource.

Puget Sound Water Supply


There are over 12 different diseases that can be caused by just drinking impure water


Features of IntelliSplash

IntelliSplash consists of an iPhone app and an accompanying low-energy bluetooth probe. With it, you now have the capability to know if your water is really safe to drink.  All  you have to do is launch the app and stick the probe into your water. It’s that simple. With IntelliSplash, you don't have to physically be with your water to see if its clean. You don’t even need an internet connection because everything relies on Bluetooth.      Download Version 1.0 today!

historical graph

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IntelliSplash provides a historical graph feature, allowing the user to monitor the status of water over time to see if the quality is improving or deteriorating.

In addition, IntelliSplash is social media enabled. At the push of a button, IntelliH2O automatically compiles a tweet detailing your water quality and (optionally) the user’s location.

Our keychain solution is very small and portable, and is the perfect blend of software and hardware. MyIntelliH2O is your 21st century solution to test for water purity.

IntelliSplash is so versatile that it can be used in a myriad of situations-you can be at home, traveling locally or abroad, backpacking, or just in a restaurant with no wifi and MyIntelliH2O will still work.

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